This is the gallery section of darkness falls. Here you'll find photographs of the actors and their characters scanned from items in my personal collection. The actors are arranged alphabetically by last name, characters whose images are within are listed in italics. This is not every character they may have played on the series, but presently, the images I have of said actor as said character.

denotes new additions

Mark Allen: Sam Evans
Humbert Allen Astredo: Nicholas Blair, Evan Hanley
Nancy Barrett: Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes, Melanie Collins Young
Joan Bennett: Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Naomi Collins, Judith Collins Trask, Flora Collins
Christopher Bernau: Phillip Todd
Clarice Blackburn: Abigail Collins
Don Briscoe: Tom & Chris Evans, Timothy Shaw, Todd Blake (Jennings)
Kathy Cody: Hallie Stokes
Terry Crawford: Beth Chavez
Joel Crothers: Joe Haskell
Thayer David: Timothy Elliot Stokes, Count Andreas Petofi
Roger Davis: Peter Bradford, Dirk Wilkins, Charles Delaware Tate
Louis Edmonds: Roger Collins, Edward Collins
David Ford: Sam Evans
Jonathan Frid: Barnabas Collins
Kay Frye: Pansy Faye
Grayson Hall: Julia Hoffman, Magda Rakosi
David Henesy: David Collins, Jamison Collins
Kate Jackson: Daphne Harridge
John Karlen: Willie Loomis, Carl Collins
Jerry Lacy: Reverend Gregory Trask
Michael Maitland: Michael
Donna McKechnie: Amanda Harris/Olivia Corey
Diana Millay: Laura Murdoch Collins
Alexandra Moltke: Victoria Winters Clark
Denise Nickerson: Amy Jennings, Nora Collins, Amy Collins
Lara Parker: Angelique Bouchard Collins, Alexis Stokes, Angelique Stokes Collins, Catherine Harridge Collins
Dennis Patrick: Jason McGuire, Paul Stoddard
Christopher Pennock: Jebez Hawkes, John Yaeger
Robert Rodan: Adam
Kathryn Leigh Scott: Maggie Evans, Josette Dupres Collins, Rachel Drummond
David Selby: Quentin Collins, Charles Collins
Alex Stevens: the Wolfman, series stuntman
Michael Stroka: Aristede, Bruno Hess
Virginia Vestoff: Samantha Drew Collins Stiles
Marie Wallace: Jenny Rakosi Collins, Megan Todd
Donna Wandrey: Roxanne Drew

Group: Photos of the cast in group, sorted by storyline.

1966 - 1967: Victoria Winters comes to Collinwood, Vendettas and Blackmail
1967: The Vampire comes to Collinwood
1795: Vicki does the time warp, origins of Barnabas Collins
1968 - 1969: Creation of an artificial man, the Devil & the Witch, Hauntings & the Full Moon
1897: Victorian Nightmare
1969 - 1970: The Leviathans
1970 Parallel Time: Murder begets Murder
1840 : Resurrection, Witchcraft, & Possession
1841 Parallel Time: What could have been
House of Dark Shadows
Night of Dark Shadows

Misc: Set & Location shots

Frenchy: Drawings by Frenchy of 16 magazine