X episode 0 : an omen

X episode 0 : an omen was actually released on home video & DVD prior to the TV series debut to hype the fans up. It contains massive spoilers for those not acquainted with the manga series or it's characters. (Also contains massive spoilers for those following the US X manga release and not the Japanese).

Injured in an attempt to escape the family compound, shot by his own guards, Kuzuki Kakyou has foreseen the death of his only friend, Sumeragi Hokuto. He struggles towards a distant park where, disguised as her identical twin brother Subaru, Hokuto faces off against the Sakurazukamori.

The Sakurazukamori, a deadly assassian, stands waiting beneath the cherry tree that is his mark and others' graves. Hokuto willingly lays her life down for her precious brother so that he may continue to live.

As Hokuto dies, she whispers Kakyou's name. Kakyou can only watch in vain as he has failed to protect his most cherished person.

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