The gears and wheels of destiny have started turning, drawing everything to it's inevitable fate. Admist the desert of silence in a dream of the future, the boy who shall decide all has been seen. This is the face of "Kamui".

Episode One : A Reunion

Mount Kouya Temple. Arisugawa Sorata, a young monk in training, is doing penance for sneaking food before dinner. While working his "grandfather" arrives to tease him about it, but not only that. The stars governing "Kamui" have shifted. It is time that Sorata head to Tokyo, for his powers as a Dragon of Heaven (Ten no Ryu) are needed.

Ise Shrine. In the courtyard of the sacred temple, Kishu Arashi, the hidden shrine maiden, receives a telepathic mesage from Tokyo. Hinoto, a dreamgazer, has forseen the arrival of "Kamui". Arashi is to head to Tokyo at once. Arashi's "aunt" Kaede is saddened to hear that Arashi will be leaving and offers to comb her hair one last time before she goes.

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