X episode 1 : a renunion

Mistumine Shrine. Munching on Pocky and studying to music, Nekoi Yuzuriha is at first unaware of the goings-on in the outside world. Her spirit dog and protector Inuki "hears" the "call". When Yuzuriha investigates Inuki's behavior her grandmother informs her that she will soon be needed. Yuzuriha is ecstatic at the thought of being able to go to Tokyo.

At the Sumeragi family residence, grandmother Sumeragi speaks on the telephone with her grandson Subaru, who is currently in Tokyo.

Ending the call with his grandmother, after promising to visit on the anniversary of his sister's death, Subaru is startled to see cherry blossoms floating through the night air towards him. When cast with a counterward the blossoms form the sign of the Sakurazukamori on the pavement, an inverted pentagram. Having been marked as a child for death by the Sakurazukamori, Subaru realizes that he will be at last reunited with his sister's murderer.

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