X episode 1 : a reunion

Within Tokyo itself at a local bath house, Kasumi Karen decends the stairs to attend to the needs of her next customer. On the window beside her she notices the mark of the dreamgazer and realizes that the time for her powers to be utilized is drawing closer.

At a local publishing company within Tokyo, Seiichirou Aoki hands in the latest manuscript for a client. His editor remarks on how nice his tie is, to which Seiichirou replies it was a present from his wife, though his daughter most likely picked the design. Sitting down to finish work, Seiichirou is startled by the dreamgazer's mark that appears on his computer screen. Packing things up for the night he resolves to go home and read to his daughter.

Beneath the Tokyo Diet Building, the dreamgazer Hinoto calls upon the Dragons of Heaven to gather, for the battle for the Fate of mankind is about to begin.

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