Episode Two : A Nightmare

On her way home from school, Kotori and her friends casually chat about Kamui & his reaction to Kotori on the rooftop earlier in the day. Kotori's friends suggest he may be embarassed at meeting a childhood friend again after so long. Having to pick up some things for dinner, Kotori cuts through the nearby park. Upon passing a rather large tree she loses herself in a daydream of the past.

They are too high up and Kamui is scared to go any furthur. Kotori chides him for being scared, after all he is a boy isn't he? It's only a little furthur. Their destination is a small bird's nest high up in the branches. A baby bird has fallen from it's nest and Kotori wants to return it. Mission accomplished they watch the baby birds for a moment, when suddenly there is a sharp crack beneath their feet.

The branch snaps off and Kamui and Kotori fall. Kamui falls into another branch and grabs ahold of Kotori's hand. Kotori cries that she is scared but Kamui promises that he will hold onto her. Hours pass, Kotori worries that Kamui is dead for he doesn't answer when she calls his name. Finally they are rescued. Kotori cries that it is all her fault, but brightens a little when she sees that Kamui is really okay. Fuuma thanks Kamui for taking care of her little sister and promises to do the same for him one day.

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