X episode 2 : a nightmare

Passing a parking lot on her way home, Kotori is surprised to hear what sounds like the beginning of a fight. Deciding to investigate she is surprised to see three older boys picking on Kamui. They don't like his arrogant attitude. One of them recognizes Kotori as Fuuma's younger sister. As one boy prepares to punch Kamui, Kamui simply grabs a hold of the boy's wrist. Confused, the boy lets go, then cries out in pain, falling to his knees and cradling his wrist. Kamui walks past Kotori and says nothing.

After dinner Kotori and Fuuma discuss Kamui's sudden reappearance. Fuuma leaves to practice basketball in the neighborhood court. Kotori sits down to have tea with her father who seems a bit distracted.

Kamui heads out of his apartment to a nearby vending machine. He does not like being followed or watched, so he tells the mysterious boy who suddenly appears behind him. Saiki claims he does not believe this boy is Kamui, in answer Kamui attacks him. Saiki dodges but then demands that Kamui stop for they could endanger innocents in the area. Kamui says he doesn't care.

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