X episode 3 : a pledge

In a dream, Kamui relives the memory of his mother's death. Awakening suddenly, he finds himself in Fuuma and Sorata's care. Fuuma suggests Kamui get some sleep as he is running a slight fever.

Leaving Kamui in Sorata's care, Fuuma takes his leave. Before he goes he tells Kamui that both Kotori and he are worried about him. Sorata turns to Kamui and remarks on Kamui's remarkable healing powers, having acquired a couple broken ribs in the fight with Saiki, they were already healed by the time Sorata and Fuuma came to Kamui's aide. Kamui demands to know who Sorata is.

Sorata explains that he is a monk from the temple in the Kouya mountains. He has been training almost his entire life to protect Kamui and one day aide him in the final battle on the promised day. At the temple there is an old man who can tell the future. A few days prior he told Sorata that Kamui would return to Tokyo, after the death of his only blood relative. Angered, Kamui attacks Sorata, who leaves after telling Kamui that he has more to tell him.

Beneath the Tokyo Goverment offices, Kanoe recieves a celphone call from Yuuto, who explains he is going to be late for their meeting, having just encountered one of the Dragons of Heaven. Inside the kekkai he tells Kanoe, someone broke through, a boy he had never seen before.

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