X episode 3 : a pledge

Kanoe wants to hear everything once Yuuto returns. Ending her call Kanoe asks Satsuki if she is interrupting her fun.

From the Beast, Satsuki replies that no, she has just finished, the Beast has confirmed. That boy is Kamui. Kanoe tells Satsuki to have Yuuto wait here when he arrives, she has to go "upstairs" to work and prepare some comments for her boss. Satsuki asks if she can go upstairs one day. Kanoe replies that she doesn't mind, but that it is so boring, Satsuki would probably die.

The next day inside the library, Kotori thumbs through a book, then turns to leave. Daydreaming, she accidentally bumps into Kamui and drops the book. Kamui picks it up, but before handing it to her, opens it. Kotori is surprised to see Kamui in the library, and asks how his injuries are. Kamui says nothing and continues to leaf through the pages.

Kotori explains that the book is on the indigo dying of fabrics. Kotori tells Kamui that it is her dream to try that, that it can take 10 to 20 years to get a color like those in the book. Wordlessly, Kamui hands Kotori the book. When he says nothing more, she leaves, pausing to glance back at him blushing from the librarian's desk.

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