X episode 3 : a pledge

After watching Kotori leave, Kamui heads to the back of the library and takes a seat. Without turning around he warns Arashi that he is tired of being spied upon, he can't believe that she would be following him in concern for his wounds. Arashi replies that Kamui would not believe her even if she said so.

Kamui asks Arashi who is the one spying on him, if she does not tell him, her head will fly. Arashi replies that Kamui can do as he wish. She will tell him one thing only, No one can escape their destiny. Kamui tells her to Shut up, he's tired of hearing about Destiny. Arashi can tell whoever is commanding her that if Kamui doesn't recieve the Sword he is going to disappear from Tokyo, and that if she comes near him again, he will kill her.

Welcoming Kotori home, Kyougo remarks on how happy Kotori looks. She smiles and replies she'll get ready for dinner now. Kyougo nods in return and turns towards the family shrine. On the horizon, a storm is brewing.

Once inside, Kyougo unwraps the Holy Sword and remembers the parting conversation with his late wife Saya. She begged him to take care of Kotori and Fuuma after her death. Kyougo apologizes, for wedding into his family, Saya has had to face this hardship. Saya replies that she was truly happy with him, so happy that she could not wish for anything more.

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