X episode 4 : a sacrifice

Hinoto awakens from a dream where once again she saw two Kamui and two Holy Swords. Pondering what this means, she cannot erase the troubled look from her face. Waking in her room from the dreams she has spied upon, Kanoe is also puzzled by the meaning of the dreams.

Froms her sister's dreams, Kanoe has learned that the Holy Sword was stolen. Yuuto wonders who it could be, possible that funny littl boy from Osaka? Kanoe says she has no idea.

Hidden away in the TOJO laboratories, the Holy Sword is undergoing serious testing. The scientists have discovered that the sword more closely resembles organic material than mineral. It has the ability to continously repair and reproduce itself. In other words, the sword is alive. The President of the Laboratory warns to heighten security. He knows that one day He will come for the sword, but which side he will take is unknown.

In another part of the lab Nataku sleeps within it's chamber. Created by the scientists, Nataku is named after the Chinese God with no soul. Having been created by the scientists Nataku also has no soul. It has no one to love or hate, no emotions. It is just an organism that continues to live.

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