X episode 4 : a sacrifice

Meanwhile at the Hospital, Fuuma informs Sorata and Kamui that the doctors are saying his Father had a heart attack. They mentioned the possiblity of a strong shock to his chest area, but are unaware of how this may have occured. Kotori says she is sure he will get better. Sorata agrees and says if there's anything he or Kamui can do, to let them know.

Outside the Hospital, Sorata tells Kamui not to blame himself. Kamui complains that he had planned to take the Sword and leave. If Kyougo had not stopped him, none of this would have happened. Sorata replies that maybe this was Fated. The StarGazer has told him that Kamui's sword would be taken by one of the Seven Angels (Dragons of Earth). When the sword appeared before Kamui again, it would have changed shape. Like it or not, the battle has begun.

Sorata tells Kamui that he can't remember his parents faces. Following the predictions of the StarGazer, Sorata was taken from his parents at the age of three. His mother didn't want to let him go and held onto him. When he finally left, she stood crying in the rain watching after him for a long, long time. Sorata says he doesn't know how it feels to lose a relative so dear to you like that, but he can understand how heavy the destiny on Kamui's shoulders must feel.

A woman walks up behind them and says that she understands at least a little how Kamui feels. Sorata demands to know who she is. Lifting her umbrella she smiles slightly and replies she is Kamui's only blood relative. Taking off her glasses she asks Kamui if she does not indeed resemble his late Mother. Kamui stares at her in shock.

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