X episode 4 : a sacrifice

Meanwhile outside Togakushi shrine, Arashi & Hinoto psychicly speak about Kamui's whereabouts and the identity of the individual who took the Holy Sword. Arashi asks Hinoto how despite the fact that only Hinoto and a few others knew of the whereabouts of the Sword, it was still stolen. Hinoto answers that she doesn't know how it was discovered.

Arashi then tells Hinoto that someone was with Kamui. Hinoto answers that it was one of the Seven Seals (Dragon of Heaven) like she. As Arashi listens, she senses something approaching. From the pathway before her, sendings emerge from the ground. Placing her hands together she peers through them and the paper wards become visible.

A moment later the sendings jump to attack. Quickly drawing the sword from it's sheath (her right arm!) Arashi makes short work of those that attacked. As they disintegrate, she looks around and realizes that she is surrounded.

In Tokiko's car, Tokiko reveals that she is Kamui's aunt. His mother's younger sister. Tokiko asks if Kamui knows that his mother's maiden name was Magami. Kamui replies in the negative. Tokiko remarks that her sister died without telling Kamui anything. Quietly Kamui asks if Tokiko knows why his mother died. Tokiko answers yes, that is exactly why she sought Kamui.

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