X episode 5 : a destiny

Having finally arrived in Tokyo, Yuzuriha is enjoying the ice cream she had wanted to try for so long. It was totally worth the 30 minute wait. Wanting to share her joy she offers some to Inuki and then remembers that the spirit dog does not eat. She smiles and pets Inuki. Even though he can't eat it, she loves him anyway.

A moment later Yuzuriha is interrupted by a young boy standing a few feet away. She's a cute girl, would she like to out for some tea and cake? He knows a really good place. Yuzuriha considers and then smiles. Before they go, can she ask him one thing? Can he see him? The boy stares to where she is pointing and shrugs. Him? Yuzuriha thanks him and starts to walk away. The boy calls after her, where is she going? To the Diet Building Yuzuriha answers, to talk about the End of the World. As she leaves Inuki hesitates but Yuzuriha says that she makes a point not to date anyone who cannot see Inuki.

Walking through a nearby dog park, Yuzuriha watches the other owners playing with their pets. She remembers when she was little and had not wanted the power to see Inuki. The other kids made fun of her and called her a liar for always saying there was a dog where there wasn't. Her grandmother tried to comfort her. The other kids could not see Inuki because Inuki was a dog solely for Yuzuriha. Yuzuriha cried and said she did not want such a power. Holding her grandchild, the elderly lady comforted Yuzuriha as best she could. Inuki would spend his entire life at her side, and for that power, she would become one of the stars that decided the fate of the world.

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