X episode 5 : a destiny

While crossing the street, Yuzuriha and Inuki pass a young mother and her little boy. Half way across the street the caboose on the little boy's train detatches itself from the engine. Turning to see it the little boy runs into the street to get his toy, not knowing that the light has turned green and a truck is speeding headlong towards him! The mother turns and seeing what is about to happen screams in horror. Across the street Inuki dashes into the road, picks up the little boy and deposits him safely out of harms way.

Returning to Yuzuriha, Inuki is greeted with warm affection and pride. Turning to leave Yuzuriha is surprised when a strange man walks up and comments on what a good dog Inuki is! Even bending down to stroke the spirit dog!

Overwhelmed that someone else can see Inuki, Yuzuriha happily jumps into the man's arms. Then realizing that he has no idea why she is reacting so she embarrassedly steps away. It's nothing really and she is sorry to have suddenly jumped upon him like that. She thanks him and then turns back on her way. Running with Inuki she is overjoyed! Someone else could see him! Turning back she waves at the man who waves back confused.

In the elevator down to Hinoto's rooms, Sorata comments that Arashi is still debating if bringing himself and Kamui to see Hinoto is really such a good idea. Sorata smiles and says it will be all right, Hinoto is after all the Dreaming Princess, and will know they are coming anyway. Arashi warns them that Hinoto is severly handicapped because of her dreamseeing abilities. She cannot see, hear, speak or walk. She asks them to make sure they are not rude to her. Sorata asks how they will speak to her. Arashi answers that if they talk to her normally, she will answer them within their heart.

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