X episode 6 : kouya

Deep within the mountains of Kouya, a group of monks stands in meditation beneath the freezing waters of a mountain waterfall. They all appear to be in a deep meditative state, all that is for the young boy standing near the end of the line. With a quick check to see if anyone is paying attention, Sorata backs out under the water and escapes into the forest. He's starving and gone to catch a fish. After a quick snatch he laughs in triumph, only to watch his meal slip away as the other monks appear by the riverside.

In the present, he's just as lucky with a crane machine. Having lost again he turns to leave and notices Arashi impatiently waiting for him. Outside on the street he glances at her and smiles. It's almost like a date! Arashi reminds him that they are only together because of work. Sora says he knows, but he is still happy. Nice weather, a meal, and a movie. But that is just a dream for them....

Beneath the Govenment buildings, Satsuki has just finished her research. As she disconnects from Beast she hears Yuuto call up to her. Would she like some tea? Or cake? He had to wait an hour in line to buy it.

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