X episode 6 : kouya

Sitting down to tea Satsuki informs Yuuto of the information Beast gleaned on Sorata. Yuuto is surprised that Mount Kouya, one of the last sanctuaries in Japan, was hiding one of the Dragons of Heaven. Satsuki wonders if she should say hello as well. Yuuto smiles and answers, she probably should. It would be amusing to say the least.

Late night at the hospital, Kotori has fallen asleep at her father's bedside. A moment later Fuuma enters and asks how his father is. Kotori answers he ate a little, but not much. Fuuma nods in answer and then asks Kotori to go home and rest. Kotori is adamant that she will stay. Fuuma has the basketball finals in the morning, but Fuuma answers he will not play. Kotori is taken aback, his teammates are relying on him! And Father was looking forward to the game! Fuuma finally relents, he will play in the tournament tomorrow, but he will also stay at his father's side for the night.

Kotori leaves and wanders the dark hospital corridors on her way to the exit. She pauses for a moment, her fatigue suddenly surfacing and rests against a nearby wall. After a moment she looks up and her eyes widen.... this is the hallway where her mother...

The memory of her mother's death overwhelms her as she falls into a faint. A figure rushes from the darkness and catches her before she hits the floor. After a moment Kotori awakens to find herself in Kamui's arms.

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