X episode 7 : civer

Outside Satsuki takes to her bicycle. In the early morning there are no people around and she takes a moment to enjoy the silence. After she passes a black car starts to follow. Yuzuriha and Inuki are also out this morning. Yuzuriha is glad they have come to Tokyo. They've met a lot of people who can see Inuki. As she bends to pet him she looks up and notices Satsuki for the first time. Realizing she is striking an odd pose to someone who cannot see Inuki, Yuzuriha quickly stands and says Good Morning.

Satsuki greets her in return. In an attempt to make small talk, Yuzuriha asks if Satsuki is out for a walk (on a bicycle?!) to which Satsuki replies, Yes for a change on pace. Yuzuriha follows Satsuki's gaze and notices the black car, and the people inside who are watching them. Satsuki is surprised at Yuzuriha's good eye-sight. Yuzuriha asks if they are people Satsuki knows, to which she vaguely answers Yes. Satsuki throws Yuzuriha her water bottle then smiles. Yuzuriha needn't worry, this has nothing to do with her. Satsuki quickly mounts her bike and starts to ride off, but as she passes Inuki, she reaches out and pets his head! Yuzuriha is amazed! As she watches Satsuki ride away, the black car quickly follows.

Satsuki tries to loose the men on her tail. She quickly swerves down a narrow side street, but the car is just as quick. She wonders of they are picking up from where they left off. She looks back at her pursuers, only to look forward again as another car jumps in front of her. Her bike hits it and she flips off, only to land on her feet and continue running on the other side. The men are out of the car behind her as she ducks into a nearby office building. Using her cell phone to hack, she breaks into the building's security and dives into a secure room, which locks before the men can get to her.

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