X episode 7 : civer

Sitting on the floor in her temporary shelter, she switches on a computer and goes to work. From outside the door she can hear the men trying to break in after her. As she sits in silence she wonders why humans are so annoying. She just wants to be free.

A memory comes forward from her childhood. A young Satsuki stands outside a door, she has heard someone calling for her and wants to know who it is. The office is empty save the computer which is scrolling binary across it's screen. Clutching her doll Satsuki wanders in for a closer look. Staring at the screen she answers that her name is Satsuki. That she can't play with the computer, her father has forbidden her to touch it.

But as the binary flashes more, she asks to know how computer knows her future? Will it be all right for her to ask? As she stares at the screen, cables from the computer snake behind her and enter her skin. The doll falls to the floor as Satsuki is pulled into the digital world. From the doorway her father stands aghast at the site of his daughter.

Satsuki is the subject of intense study. The scientists are amazed at her abilities, it is as if Satsuki's brain is connected to the computer somehow. The scientists want to take Satsuki into their fold, but her father is reluctant, they will discuss it another day. As Satsuki is disconnected from the massive machine she sits in, a scientist asks if she is having fun. Satsuki only answers that she wants to go home.

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