X episode 8 : gemini

Within the dreamscape, Hinoto tells Kamui that she understands his choice is hard, however he cannot defy his mother. His name means he who will carry out the will of God. It also means, he who will hunt he who carries the will of God. Kanoe appears from the darkness, admonishing her sister on telling helf truths. Kamui demands to know who she is so Kanoe introduces herself as Hinoto's younger sister. Kamui wants to know what she means and Kanoe explains that he has two futures, as a Ten no Ryu or a Chi no Ryu. She offers to show Kamui the other future, but Hinoto abruptly ends the dream.

Kasumi Karen kneels in prayer. After crossing herself she stands and enters the confessional. An envelop slips to her from under the screen which she quickly places inside her purse. After a moment she reassures the person behind the screen and tells them to run. She'll take care of the rest.

She leaves the booth and sendings appear. She bids them Good Evening and asks if they are done with their prayers. As they jump to attack she places her hands as if in prayer and her kekkai appears and surrounds the area.

Karen asks for forgiveness from God and then joins the fight, making short work of the sendings. From a nearby lamp post, the Sakurazukamori watches...

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