X episode 8 : gemini

Kanoe stands before her boss the next day and reminds him of his schedule. As they chat she is interrupted by Yuuto who calls her on her cell phone. He asks her if she remembers his fight with Sorata and how he told her someone had entered the kekkai. Flipping through a magazine, Yuuto has found him. Monou Fuuma. A student at Kamui's high school and the eldest son of the shrine keeper at Togakushi shrine, where the Holy Sword was kept.

At school Fuuma practices basketball while his team mates and a smattering of female fans observe. They are all amazed at his abilites, but the fun is cut short when a teacher interrupts. Fuuma is needed at the hospital.

Kotori stands anxiously at her fahter's bedside, alarmed by his rapidly declining condition. A moment later Fuuma enters and the doctor tells him his father has been calling for him. Fuuma kneels beside his father who struggles with his last breath to tell him "You are Kamui's...." his voice so faint that no one but Fuuma can hear the rest. His heart rate flatlines, and he is gone.

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