X episode 8 : gemini

A few days later Kotori and Fuuma attend their father's funeral. A few of the shrine regulars are also in attendance. Froma distance Kamui, Sorata and Arashi look on.

They are startled by a voice, from above them Karen grieves for the hardship that Kotori and Fuuma are now facing. One day, she says, you say goodbye to your parents. But this is too soon. She is sure it is the same for them, as it was for her. Sorata and Arashi confront her, she's sorry for surprising them like this and properly introduces herself as Kasumi Karen, one of the Seven Seals. She shows them her fire ability and when Sorata remarks on her outfit, she smiles and apologizes, she snuck out of work to visit them.

She jumps from the tree and hands Kamui an envelope, telling him it is from his Aunt Tokiko. Sorata asks her if she too is affiliated with a religious sect. She smiles and answers mischeviously that she's with Flower. Sorata asks Arashi if she knows of any such group and Karen tells them it's where she works. She'll let them figure it out. After she leaves Kamui opens the letter from his Aunt. She promises to bring him the Holy Sword during the next full moon. Sorata asks what she wanted but Kamui brushes him off, he's not interested in being their friend, nor is he interested in the Dragons of Heaven or Earth. With that he walks away.

Kotori bids goodbye to the last of the funeral attendants. As she turns to go inside she notices Kamui standing out in the courtyard. She walks over to him and thanks him for coming. He asks he how she is to which Kotori replies she was a little prepared for it, but that Fuuma took it hard. Inside the house Fuuma sits before his father's altar and broods over his final words. "You are Kamui's twin star."

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