Dark Shadows

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the cruelest fate was loving you poor chris was never cured professor stokes said that lyrics and song by the doors you see a phantom stranger!
Willie! I was a tv werewolf Beware Roger Davis! The voice of reason? I think it's a proven statistic that 85% of Vicki's lines in Dark Shadows were something to the effect of I don't understand.
this one is kind of spooky looking That's a cloud passing over the moon Sexy ghost Mad Science! the Elegant dead
the Elegant dead Mummy? They probably would have done that too! It's true you know This one made me laugh captive beauty
captives of fear I added the cobwebs and the candles sinister Barnabas is AWESOME It is insatiable Or Juan Valdez
He crawls So Evil! I love her! Get it? Generation Gap DOOM CURSE!
I come bearing gifts for you all Kiss of Death Camelot! I just liked this shot An alternate


love is the killer you thought was your friend it is forever within eternally mourning you barnabas collins It is the deadliest organ
Can be quite dire indeed And a legend begins Don*t fuck with Barnabas! Tragedy


Forgive me for what I am about to do 1840 had some great cinematography our dirty little secret I'm sorry, I'm sorry! We're not buying this! they deserve each other
That thing is so damn creepy! this one is very cool looking First meeting Widow's don't normally wear bright orange also known as scoundrels


big bad wolf a truer statement was never made let me introduce you to the dancing girl satan's lawyer domino effect
your innocence will destroy you. the cursed, the damned, the annoyed... barnabas collins All scorned women are crazy! I am such a dork. I laughed about this the whole time I was making it.
It's true! the painted woman hugs & kisses Timothy Spooky Barnabas Murder for fun and profit
King of the gypsies Count Petofi a morbid curiosity is a deadlier form of curiosity Some people never learn Oh Em Gee!
I am such a geek! Magda goes for the kill God love Roger Davis There never was a greater victim. Awesome
Tragedy Capital! Miss a turn instead? LOVE THIS ONE Eye Candy!
False living Carl will have to slap you telling secrets Murder in the Dark The good Reverend