Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Moonlight Real Girl? sailorv! You'll meet an Army of Me I love dark mercury, what can I say? surgeon general's warning : looking at jyoji can cause spontaneous combustion
This one came out exceptionally pretty I don't know if I like this one or not minako kicks ass! I had to run away to see how much you really meant to me. Zutto Zutto Hitori da ta.
I admit the rainbow is kind of fruity, but I like it! Kunzite I will make you notice me. Can you fathom the depths of my madness? At last! They gave Minako a non-annoying song!
A light in the darkness Words by the Beastie Boys I destroyed the world Waiting for you. She's so dangerous!
Passion Flame Nyao! A Knight for Sailor Soldiers princess of glass strength of the heart