Shame of Life
Title : Shame of Life
Finished : July 28, 2003

I was originally going to name this winamp skin after New Order's Blue Monday, and had been playing it on repeat for about 95% of the time I spent designing this skin. However the Butthole Surfer's Shame of Life seemed to fit so much better after playing it. I really like the color scheme of this skin as well. I was a little worried about the oliveness of it all, but it fits well.

I love Makie. There's only one word to describe her : lethal.

I wanna be your dog
Title : I wanna be your dog
Finished : June 07, 2003

Despite the fact this took me less than three hours to do, I think it came out pretty damn good. If you don't get the little swastikas on it, then you don't read the manga and that's a shame!! Since this story takes place WAY before the Nazis, it has no connections to Hitler or the evil connected with the symbol now a days. In fact in ancient times, it was considered a symbol of goodluck and prosperity. It was also a symbol used by Buddhists, and is called the Manji in Japan. (Hence his name is Manji and he uses they symbol as his own). (If you look inside the front cover of any Blade of the Immortal GN, you'll find this information in much more detail).

BotI is one of my all time favorite manga series. I would KILL to see it made into an anime, but I think the artwork is a little too complex for that. (And it's pretty damn violent too). The image song is by Iggy Pop & the Stooges.