Title : Untitled
Finished : May 19, 2002

For the life of me I can't think of what I was going to name this skin! I wanted it to be so much more. There are parts of it I really like and parts I really don't. C'est la vie.

Beautiful Day
Title : Beautiful Day
Finished : September 12, 2001

I found this image from a telephone card and nearly fell over! A pic of van I had never seen before!! So I promptly had to skin it of course.

West End Girls
Title : West End Girls
Finished : January 16, 2001

I'm sorry, but movie Millerna looks cool. I was totally listening to the Pet Shop Boys when I made this skin.

the last beat of my heart
Title : The Last Beat of my Heart
Finished : September 23, 2000

I was listening to this Siouxsie song recently and inspiration hit me. What you see before you is the result. More complete than most of my recent offerings to the skin world. The pic I got off of Excite photo search, so if it was somebody's modified desktop image, thanks.