All of your Dreams
Title : All of your Dreams
Finished : July 10, 2003

Kitty is a big fan of Shinwa and KPOP. So she has turned me into one too. The image song is wicked pretty (the video is sad). But anyway, I found this pic on Yahoo Japan (the cel is for sale at the time of this posting) and it immediately struck me. Usagi is my heroine.

Magic Man
Title : Magic Man
Finished : March 30, 2003

The irony of the skins theme song is not lost on me, though that isn't why I picked it. I just happened to listen to that song a lot while making the skin. This is my favorite manga picture of Haruka. There are parts of this skin I really like and parts I don't particularly care for. This is a companion skin to the earlier Michiru : Aquarium skin.

Title : untitled
Finished : October 11, 2002

I have always felt kind of guilty that even though Makoto is one of my favorite Sailormoon characters, I had never done a skin of her. I came across this pic on a Japanese auction site (it was part of a bigger Sailormoon Super poster), and felt it was just the thing I was looking for. I could not for the life of me come up with an image song for this skin.

touch my heart
Title : Touch my Heart
Finished : September 1, 2002

I had this skin on my hardrive for over a month before I realized I had forgotten to upload it! Whoops! It's pretty simple, but I like it all the same. The image song is from Devil Hunter Yohko, but oh well.

charlotte anne
Title : Charlotte Anne
Finished : June 2, 2001

I always thought this was the COOLEST pic of mistress 9 ever, so when I found a page selling the actual cel (they wanted upwards of $1500) I snagged the pic and made this skin. It came out pretty cool, I had to fiddle with the BG a little to get the effect I wanted, but other than that it's true to the cel.

Super sailormoon
Title : She sells Sanctuary
Finished : March 25, 2001

A new Sailormoon skin! Well, ain't that dandy? I made this skin listening to a bunch of eighties songs, and then updated the page listening to the Cult. Thus the skin was named. I really like this skin. That's about all I have to say.

michiru : aquarium Title : Aquarium
Finished : October 23, 2000

This is named after the Saint-Saens : Carnivaux des Animaux : L'Aquarium piece. A truly haunting little melody. And totally fitting Michiru. I've wanted to skin this pic for a long time, but I'm not sure if I like the skin or not. Does it look too cluttered? Is the color scheme too light?

usagi : jaded Title : Jaded
Finished : August 12, 2000

This has always been my favorite manga picture of Usagi. It's just so cool looking! I searched all over creation for this pic and finally found it. (Yes from a free for the taking image gallery). It strikes me as a dark picture, I don't know why. Maybe it's all my CLAMP influences. Anyhow, this was named after an awesome song by Crystal Method. Because of the lyrics, you may see a skin of Quentin named after the same song someday.

sailormoon sailorstars : beat of destiny Title : Beat of Destiny
Finished : June 13, 2000

Another skin I wasn't sure of how the outcome'd be, but I'm glad I stuck to 'cause it came out great! (IMHO). Another skin based on the Windows window design. Don't sure me Bill Gates okay? Hope you enjoy it! Stars was a rockin' season!

Love Revolution
Title : Love Revolution
Finished : May 29, 2000

Wai wai! A Pluto skin! This is a screen cap from Pluto's dead scream attack. It's titled after a Two Mix song that always just struck me as being a Pluto song. Setsuna-san is cho-kakkoi!! My first full on equalizer-ized Sailormoon skin. And I know purple is more Saturn's color, but it fits the pic. And I even created a different set of numbers! Wow!!