angelique : feel good hit of the summer Title : Angelique : Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Finished : March 14, 2001

Anyone who has seen the Blair Witch Project 2 (which was surprisingly good) will recognize the song. Anyhow, Angelique ranks up there among my favorite, favorite characters. I mean come on, she's just that damn cool. This is probably one of my better DS skins. Also a new feature, inside the zip file is an html document, it contains recommended songs for the skin, or what I was listening to while making it.

maggie/josette : possum kingdom Title : Maggie/Josette : Possum Kingdom
Finished : October 31, 2000

OKAY!! So the NAME Of the song has nothing to do with Maggie/Josette, but BOY do the lyrics!! TOTALLY the Barnabas kidnaps Maggie to become Josette storyline. I really like this skin!!!