no man's woman
Title : No Man's Woman
Finished : November 6, 2001

This is probably one of my better Utena skins, IMHO. I tokk the original picture, then added the red cross lines. I think it gave it a more interesting effect. The song is named after a Sinead O'Connor song. I'm not a fan of hers normally, but I saw the video on VH1 and really liked the song. So-

Title : Isobel
Finished : September 6, 2000

I had wanted to skin this pic forever and finally got off my butt to do it. Ummm.... it's very red. This is from the scene where Akio reveals the real Anthy to Utena. The witch Anthy. Let's see, I like it, but maybe it's too red. I was originally going to name this Far Away (So CLose) After the U2 song, but I'll save that for another skin of Anthy.

Title :
Finished : September 15, 2000

Ummmm.... I threw this one together in less than an hour. But I think I like this result. Couldn't for the life of me think of a song that went with this pic, WHICH I scanned, AND included the original bigger scan in the zip file. The scene this is from...... ummmm..... the planetarium episode!!! It's so BAD!!!

your woman
Title : Your Woman
Finished : August 16, 2000

Manga pic of movie Utena. Damn. I really like this skin. The song just popped into my head the other day and I quickly snagged it off Napster. Yeah the pop-song by whitetown. The lyrics really fit Utena. I've actually ::gasp:: included the lyrics in a text file in the zip file. Woohoo. Have fun with this one.

Bara no Himitsu
Title : Bara no Himitsu
Finished : March 11, 2000

My first NON Utena movie skin!! I liked the smaller version of the buttons here so much I've decided to adopt it to use on skins from now on. It makes the picture more visible. The smaller the better? While I was makingthis skin I can't tell you how many times I wanted to scrap it but I LOVE the final outcome, so I guess the moral is stick to the finish? I dunno......