aishiteru Does Arashi love Sorata?

It used to be a driving question among many Arashi/Sorata fans, one we weren't quite sure was ever going to be truly answered. Thankfully, the answer as we now know is a resounding yes. But it took quite a long while for her to open up and admit it, though she unwillingly gave a few clues along the way. So instead of asking ourselves why, we can now take a look back at the long path that lead them (and us) here.

the lookOur first real clue came in during the Sakurazukamori's attack on the Diet Building and Hinoto's hidden rooms. As the negative vibrations shake the room, Sorata grabs Arashi to protect her from the falling debris, in the process injuring himself. She is obviously confused by his reaction, and his attempts to cover up the severity of the wound.

Later he reveals his destiny to her. That the Star Gazer at Kouya had told him, "You will risk your life to protect Kamui, but when you die, it will be for the sake of a woman." He tells Arashi that he has chosen her to be the one he dies for. Alarmed, Arashi wants to know why he chose her, then tries to distance herself from him, maybe in an attempt to keep the prophecy from coming true. Soon though, her true feelings began to surface.

BlushingIn X12, she was moved by his ability to make Kamui want to eat (and thus live) again, having gone through a similar experience herself. She began to pause at the little interactions between them, if he touched her hand, kissed her hair, or paid her a compliment. But still, she made certain that he was not aware of her reaction, turning away, or acting coldy in response. At one point, it seemed she was ready to answer his question, to tell him what she truly thought of him, but the moment was broken by an (unfortunate) intrusion by the CLAMP Gakuen Tandeitan.

As her looks of longing and strange behavior in Sorata's presence grow increasingly noticeable, Yuzuriha-chan even remarks on it, asking Arashi if she indeed does like Sorata. Arashi is very flustered by this, but cannot answer for they are suddenly attacked by Satsuki and Beast. Unable to come to her rescue, due to Hinoto's request, Sorata sends a protective spirit to Arashi's aide, just in time as well for she is almost crushed under a rather large piece of debris, (a bridge to be exact). But as the spirit was another version of himself, Sorata is severly injured.

::sob:: Seeing what has happened to him, because of his vow to protect her, Arashi's facade collpases, and she is reduced to pleading with him to be okay. It in fact takes a commanding tone from Kamui to bring her back to her senses enough to take down the kekkai so they can get help. Back the hospital, it is revealed that Sorata is in fact severly injured, internal injuries, a broken leg, and the paralyzation of his right hand. He was lucky that he was not killed. When he awakens in the hospital bed, with Arashi at his side, he tries to make light of the situation. She tries to find the words to tell him, but he says he knows that she thinks nothing more of him other than a thorn in her side. She finally blurts out that it's not true, that she does really in truth care for him more than as a fellow Ten no Ryu.

::big contented fangirl sigh::Elated Sorata pulls her close where she cries against his chest, admitting that she has never cried in front of anyone before. Jokingly he tells her that he's honored to have had her first time. Blushing violently she pulls away, asking how he can joke like that, and then soberly he asks her if he can have the honor of another. We are shown from outside the window as they kiss for the first time.

A while later Arashi awakens beside Sorata in bed. She smiles at his sleeping face and then gathering the covers about her she kisses him lightly on the forehead. But the moment seems to take a seemingly darker turn as she raises her left hand and stares at it in contemplation. Before Sorata can awaken, and before the others realize it, she is gone. Having lost the ability to summon the sword or use her powers, she feels she is no longer of any use to the cause of the Ten no Ryu. Haunted by the prophecy of Sorata's death for her life, she searches for an answer.

Shortly thereafter Arashi enters Hinoto's chambers. She is concerned about what she should do, feeling completely lost and useless. Hinoto smiles evily and says, "Why not become a Dragon of Earth instead?" Arashi looks up sharply, alarmed at Hinoto's reply. Hinoto only watches calmly as she forces a dream from the floor to swallow Arashi. Arashi panics and tries to break free but in the end she cannot escape....