Arashi's mother had served as a priestess at Ise Jingu until the fateful day she met her future lover, a local college student. Impregnated by him she was abandoned, and to her dismay, then learned that the child she was carrying was a fated child of the Ten no Ryu. She fled Ise, hoping to find some other life for her daughter.

Arashi's mother was very protective of her, but also very loving. They lived in modest comfort through Arashi's childhood. But by the time she was seven years old, things had taken a drastic change. Arashi's mother died, telling Arashi to live. But with no one to care for her, Arashi was forced out into the street.

She lived alone, salvaging what she could from the rubbish others had left behind. Often she was reduced to fighting with crows over whatever edibles were left to be found. After three months her will to continue living in this manner had left her, and she soon began to wonder if there was any point at all. Questioning herself, that if she died, would it matter to anyone or anything?

It was on a rainy afternoon, as she stood with this question in her heart, that her salvation came to her.

A priestess from Ise Jingu came upon her in the rain, a woman named Kaede, who had long been searching for Arashi's mother. Too late to aid her, Kaede took it upon herself to save Arashi instead. She invited Arashi back to Ise Jingu to train as a shrine maiden. There Arashi was bathed and cared for, but she still was unsure if she wanted to continue with life, for it had been so long since anyone had shown her love or affection.

Kaede knowingly listened to the little girl, and then said, "Living a life where you never come close to anyone, or are never understood, that would be the same as being dead. Saying that you are alone, that is truly sad. But if you choose life, you will meet many people. People who are kind to you, people who will be your enemies, and people who will love you."

Greatful at last for this show of affection Arashi hugged Kaede, and then asked if it would be better if she lived. Kaede answered that she would be truly saddened if Arashi chose to die. Given a purpose to life and the will to live once more Arashi chose to eat, and to become a maiden at Ise Jingu.