Welcome to Tsuki Matsuri, formerly a Naoko Takeuchi fan gallery - now THE archive of Sailor Moon Coloring book scans. This site was created and is maintained by two fans of the Sailor Moon series who were tired of not being able to find good pictures to color and have fun with. Everywhere on the internet was the same set of scans, most of the time small, or scanned forever ago when technology wasn't so great and images were blurry.

All images on this site were scanned with the desire to offer clean, crisp, and LARGE images to the Sailor Moon fandom for use, be it traditional coloring or digital. We are constantly on the hunt for new books to scan, new images to offer. We tried our very best to offer no repeats of images. Everything you see here is original to this site.

And remember - Medical studies have proven that coloring is good mental release for adults and helps relieve stress! So have fun!

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